Anrealchem is committed to drug synthesis in the fields of anti-tumor, anti-depressant, anti-senile dementia and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Our products are mainly exported to more than 40 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, South America, and Eastern Europe.

Integrating research, development, production, import and export trade, we have strong technical strength, advanced testing methods, strong research and development capabilities, and exquisite synthesis technology.



have rich experience in the pharmaceutical field, research and globally procurement of innovative active ingredients.



Pharmaceutical experts and professional academic institutions cooperate in research to provide high-end intermediates.

Animal Plant Extracts

Animal/ Plant Extracts

Advanced continuous ultrasonic countercurrent extraction technology provides extracts in different forms and specifics.


Other Ingredients

We also have good cooperation with manufacturers of chemicals, excipients, food additives, colorants, and other raw materials.

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